IBNS News is the IBNS newsletter, published through our website, with rotating Guest Editors.

Editor-in-ChiefMillie Rincón-Cortés

If you would like to serve as a guest editor for IBNS News, please contact us. Requirements: IBNS membership!

Contributing to the IBNS Newsletter 

There is a section of IBNS Newsletter entitled Member News - This section reports upon and highlights significant events in the lives of members of the IBNS.

There are several potential subsections:

1) Significant Events and Milestones – This would include being named to prestigious professorships, promotions, tenure, etc.

2) Awards and Recognition – These include special types of recognition (best teacher, best young researcher, etc.) and funding for research activities, etc.

3) Recent Trends in Behavioral Neuroscience These are brief summaries (100-200 words plus citation) of recent exciting research activities in behavioral neuroscience.

4) Good News - Members share positive experiences as part of their research and teaching.

7) Hobbies - Share how your hobbies help you maintain a work/life balance that can be shared with others.

8) Virtual Mentor - These have been difficult times for graduate and post-doctoral students as well as faculty beginning their careers. Any advice and suggestions from our more established members could be very helpful and much appreciated. 

You may now contribute your news directly via a link on the IBNS Website: We are looking forward to hearing from you and including your news in the IBNS Newsletter! 


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October IBNS News 10/26/2020 O Chandani Dinesh
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December IBNS News 12/30/2019 Julianne Jett
November IBNS News 12/3/2019 Julianne Jett
August IBNS News 8/23/2019 Valerie Bolivar
July IBNS News 7/31/2019 Julianne Jett
May IBNS News 5/29/2019 Michael Kendig and Donald McEachron
March IBNS News 3/30/2019 Daniela Neuhofer
February IBNS News 3/01/2019 Sreeparna Majumdar and Ksenia Meyza
January IBNS News 1/31/2019 Jennifer C. Parada
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December IBNS News 12/28/2018  
October IBNS News 11/01/2018 Ben Tsang and Liubov Kalinichenko
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April IBNS News 04/26/2018 Julianne Jett
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February IBNS News 02/22/2018 Patricia B. de la Tremblaye
January IBNS News
01/05/2018 Patricia B. de la Tremblaye
IBNS News 2017    
October IBNS News 11/03/2017 Cindy Barha
September IBNS News
09/25/2017 Nikolas Dietis
August IBNS News
09/05/2017 Anandakumar Shunmugavel
July IBNS News
08/01/2017 Angela Caruso
May IBNS News
05/31/2017 Donald McEachron
April IBNS News
05/04/2017 Donal McEachron
March IBNS News
03/31/2017 Rastafa I. Geddes
February IBNS News
03/02/2017 Jessica I. Wooden
January IBNS News
01/31/2017 Donald McEachron
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November IBNS News
12/09/2016 Jackie Rose
October IBNS News
10/31/2016 Pushpanathan Muthuirulan
September IBNS News
09/30/2016 Katherine Wright
August IBNS News
08/31/2016 Katherine Wright
July IBNS News
07/28/2016 Pushpanathan Muthuirulan
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05/19/2016 Katherine Wright
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04/22/2016 Jackie Rose
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December IBNS News 12/30/2015  
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02/24/2015 Andrew Murtishaw
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November IBNS News
11/10/2014 Davide Amato and Gregory Barord
July IBNS News 07/28/2014 Fiona Zeeb, Samantha Mahabir and Julianne Jett
April IBNS News
04/22/2014 Chantelle Terrillion and Julianne Jett
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December IBNS News
01/07/2014 Nina Donner
September IBNS News
10/01/2013 Stephen Mahler
May IBNS News
05/22/2013 Moriel Zelikowsky