Online Posters:  The Details

Online Poster Viewing Dates:  
Aug 3-7, 2020 (Mon-Fri) Posters will be up for viewing and questions/answers 
Who can submit an Abstract?
Any IBNS member or nonmember may submit an abstract for the Online Poster Sessions.  Abstracts will be reviewed and must follow the guidelines set forth in the abstract form. You will be required to video-tape yourself giving the presentation and upload it (no worries--it will be easy).

What if I want to use my abstract accepted for the Glasgow meeting?
Great!  It will be automatically accepted (no additional review process).  However, you will need to submit it through the new online abstract form so that we know you want to participate!

Abstract Fees:
None. Zero. Free to members and nonmembers.

Abstract Deadline:
June 30, 2020
Where's the abstract form?

It's ready for you--click the blue "Submit Abstract" button above.

How do I register to just view the posters?
Registration will be required for everyone and the form is now available (click on the blue "Register" button below).


Registration Fees:  
$15 Non-member trainee (student and postdoc)
$50 Non-member faculty 
Free with membership
Not a member?  Join IBNS--all members receive free participation in the poster session and a 25% discount on membership in 2021 (excludes multiple-year memberships).  Link to membership form.

Will the final posters at the online session be viewable on our computer – so we can click on the things added with Post Reality – e.g. videos, audio, links?  Yes, you will be able to see all aspects of the poster sessions on your computer.

What if I have other obligations during the Poster Sessions, Aug. 3-7?
No problem! The IBNS Online Posters sessions are not "live" but "online". 

Here's how it will work:
  • Submit an abstract
  • Abstract will be reviewed
  • When accepted, you will receive additional instructions on how to upload your poster and video
  • Upload poster and video of yourself presenting the poster just as if you had a live audience
  • Registrants to the sessions will post Questions on our app.
  • You will be able to Answer through our app and this can be done at your convenience during Aug. 3-7.  This will accommodate those in different time zones as well.
More questions, please contact the IBNS Central Office by email.


Free to Members
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