Membership Has Privileges!


Three Reasons to Join

  1. Discounted annual meeting registration fees 
  2. Networking and new contacts through our membership database
  3. Keep up with current IBNS and neuroscience news and events with our monthly newsletter
Membership is open to persons who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting and encouraging education and research with respect to Behavioral Neuroscience.

The IBNS offers discounted membership rates to many scientists in developing countries outside of the USA. See if your country of residence is eligible.

Commonly Asked Questions
And if we don't answer your question here, feel free to contact the IBNS Central Office

How/when will I know when my application has been approved? 
Membership applications are reviewed and approved by the Membership Committee and may take up to one-to-two business days. You will be notified via email once your membership is active or if additional information is needed.

I received the membership renewal emails, but accidentally let my membership expire. Do I need to re-apply or renew?
If your membership expired more than 1 year ago, you will need to apply for membership rather than renewing. 

I applied for membership in the middle of the year. When will it expire?
All memberships are effective from January 1 to December 31 of any given year. Annual membership fees are required and NON-REFUNDABLE.

Will there be any documents I need to submit when applying? 
CV is required unless you are renewing.
Which category of membership do I apply for? 
We are glad you asked! IBNS has four membership categories: Regular, Postdoctoral, Student and Affiliate.

Regular Membership: Regular Members are scientists, clinicians, or therapists who are actively engaged in research or the practice of behavioral neuroscience. Applicants should have publications considered significant to their specialty in refereed behavioral neuroscience journals. It is policy of the IBNS to limit Regular Membership to individuals holding a doctorate.

One Year $140 annual membership
Two Years $250 discounted two-year membership
Three Years $380 discounted three-year membership
Lifetime $2000 Lifetime membership available to any regular member of IBNS

Postdoctoral Membership: Postdoctoral Trainees are scientists who have recently received their PhD (or equivalent) and are undertaking training in research. Usually, Postdoctoral Trainees are within six years from receiving their PhD and are supported by non-tenured scholarships/fellowships that can last from one to three years. Research Assistants or Research Associates who are considered members of a laboratory, department, or institution and are paid as hired employees are NOT considered Postdoctoral Trainees.

One Year  $80 annual membership
Two Years $150 discounted two-year membership
Three Years  $220 discounted three-year membership


Student Membership: Student Members are enrolled full-time in a college or university program at the graduate or undergraduate level. Student Members are voting members of the Society but may not stand for office. Student Members are required to verify their student status on a yearly basis (Example: providing an electronic or hard copy of a letter from their supervisor or Dean).

One Year  $50 annual membership
Two Years  $90 discounted two-year membership
Three Years  $130 discounted three-year membership

Affiliate Membership: Affiliate members are all individuals interested in the objectives of the IBNS, but do not meet the requirements for another membership category. Affiliate Members shall neither be non-voting members of the Society nor stand for office. Applicants must be sponsored by two Regular Members of the IBNS.

One Year  $140 annual membership
Two Years  $250 discounted two-year membership
Three Years  $380 discounted three-year membership